Top (Résidence hôtelière) Kalamaki Tympaki

Car Rentals

Through the widely spread vehicle rental Monza Travel, one can reserve a vehicle (passenger car, mini bus, motorcycles of 50 to 1000 CC) directly in Kalamaki before going on travel. The rent itself contain generally free kilometers and an all-risk insurance. When desired the vehicle can be made available to you at Heraklion Airport.

Please you note that a valid driving licence is necessary in order to rent. For motorcycles I recommend a sufficient protective clothing despite the high temperatures!!

Crash helmets, kidney belt, long trousers, a leather jacket and sturdy footwear are from my point of view absolutely necessary, even for smaller motorcycles.

Cars Model List
Category Model
Motorbikes Model List
Category Model C.C.
1 VESPA 100cc, 150cc, 200cc, 250cc automatic
2 TERBI 100cc, 125cc, 200cc automatic
3 SUZUKI DR 200cc
4 HONDA RAID 250cc
5 SUZUKI DR 350cc
6 YAMAHA XT 400cc, 600cc
9 BMW 650cc

Excursions with starting point Kalamaki Crete

Starting from Kalamaki, different organised trips can be taken to various places. Maria and Nikos is again the one that can help you with this. A listing of these tours can be found in the following table:

Samaria Gorge

What we can say about the Samaria Gorge? It is 18 km long, reputedly the longest in Europe and the walk that we take leads us through some of the most breathtaking scenery on the island.There are ancient forests of pine and cypress,rare plants,soaring eagles and stunning White Mountains.

It is a holy place,a secret place and a place that will leave an indelible mark on you.After your trek take lunch,a cool drink or swim at Agia Roumeli as we wait for the ferryboat that will take us to Chora Sfakion and the waiting coaches.


Welcome to this mini cruise to the magical island of Santorini. No other island guite compares with natural beauty of the vilcanic of Santorini.

Contrasting layers of pumoce-stone and Sandorinean soil,bear witness to the eruption of the volcano,which took place some 3,500 years ago,causing three guarters of the island to sink into the sea.Long after your cruise to Santorini will be over,as an unforgettable memory.

Samaria Gorge - Easy Way

If you do not fancy the full walk but you still like to experience some of the magic of the Samaria Gorge then go to the Easy Way. A bus riding along the dramatic south coast take us to Chora Sfakion from where the ferryboat will carry us to Agia Roumeli at the foot of the Gorge.

You have time to take lunch,swim or walk in the lower reaches of Samaria for as little or as far as you wish.A late afternoon boat trip return us to our coach st Chora Sfakion.

Imbros Gorge

Imbros is every bit as spectacular as Samaria but on a smaller scale.Here olso you walk on one of the ancient pathways of Crete,the island highways,unchanged for centuries.In places the sides of the Gorge some so close together that they seem to close over your head and it feels like you are walking in a tunnel.

The walk is only 8 km,after you will have the chance to enjoy lunch and swim in the clear Libyan Sea.On our way back we make a photo stop at Frangocastello.

Chania - Rethymon - Kournas

Chania is the old capital of Crete and has a distinct Venetian influence with its lovely harbour and beautiful architecture.Chania is great for shopping and if you are buying presents and souvenirs this excursion is for you.

Rethymnon with its three minarets,mosgues and enclosed wooden balkonies,with a charming old town consisting of a maze of narrow streets.In between the two towns we make a short break at the peaceful lake kournas,the only freshwater lake on Crete.Time for a coffee and a guiet chat or a gentle stroll along the lakeside.

Museum in Knossos

One hundred years ago King Minos and Knossos were just names in the myths and legends of the ancient Greeks.The Palace of Knossos stands today,a tribute to the vision of this pioneering archaelogist,ready to amaze the visitor.The brilliance of Minoas,however,can best be appreciated by a tour of the Archaeological Museum of Heraklion where the finds from all the majior Minoan sites are collected.

You can also have ample time to explore the bustling town of Crete,with its Venetian fortications,narrow,winding backstreets and lively market.

Phaistos - Mires - Gortis - Matala

At Mires,the capital of the fertile Messara plain,we stroii through the lively bazaar.We visit the famous Minoan Palace at Phaestos.Phaestos was one of the oldest and most important sities in archaeological terms.After we visit Gortys one of the most ancient cities in Crete,but reached the height of its prosperity during the Greco-Roman Period.

There we take a look at the law-code inserted on the wall,written by the Dorians.Last but not least we have time in Matala the village that became famous for its hippies caves, to enjoy lunch and fine swimming.

Jeep Safari

Adventure-excursion with jeeps through the mountains,across typical Greek villages and besides the coast.We leave from Agia Galini,driving on asfalted roads,to Zaros,( visiting Moni-Vrondisi ).

Then we drive to the Messara-valley,we following bad roads till Lendas where we can swim.After this stop we continue this roads back to Matala and Kalamaki.

Cretan Evening

A night to remember!In a typical taverna of Axo we invite you to sample traditional Creta raki and the fine village wines.You will be hipnotized by the haunting song of thr Cretan Lyra and Laouto and started by the fiery Cretan dances.

Make sure that you have your cameras and plenty of film.On the way we visit the village Margarites,famous for its pottery workshops.