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Rouvas Gorge

Departure point from the Lake Votomos in Zaros .About 35 km from Kalamaki.
Destination: Rouvas Forest, the church of Saint John.
Hiking time about 3 hours one way. The level of difficulty is fairly challenging. Not suitable for children, uphill trail with 540 meters vertical drop.
The best time of the year is from April to November.
The “ Farangi Rouvas “ or Saint Nicholas gorge is a unique hike that in three hours excursionists the pleasure of experiencing moments which many gorges have in common, a light – hearted ascent, the challenge of complicated passages, the pure enjoyment of pristine nature, the welcome arrival, the perfect circle of the completed hike.
For the people how don’t like to walk so much also possible to visit the gorge from the village of Gergery, always with four-wheel drive vehicles.