Top Aparthotel/ Boardinghouse Kalamaki Tympaki


 Departure point from the Odigitria Monastery about  15 km from kalamaki.
Our destination is the beach at the end of the gorge. Hiking time: an hour and a half round trip. Is a easy level of difficulty and suitable for children. Downhill trail with approx. 100 meters vertical drop. Visit this gorge from the April to November with carry along a normal supply of water. The way is well-marked trail.
Start from Kalamaki strait to Sivas village , Listaros and after make a stop to the convent-fortress of Odigitria Monastery , visit this old monastery and after drive down a white road in the direction of kali Limenes, on the right a sing indicates “ Agiofarago “ – the gorge of the saints.
Discover that Agiofarago is not only an excursion through rocky crags that leads to the sea, the gorge also has mystical powers because over the centuries it has been chosen by hermits as their spiritual headguarters.