Kommos is a beautiful beach located 66km southwest of Heraklion, just 2km north of Matala and close to Pitsidia, walking on the beach you will find yourself in Kalamaki as the two beaches are neighbouring each other . It was once the port of the ancient city of Phaestus and is situated in the southernmost part of the Messara Bay beachfront.

Loggerhead sea turtles (Caretta caretta) lay their eggs in the sand of the beach between May and September, making Kommos a protected area. The northern part of the beach, Potamoserma, is popular with naturists, while the southern part is organized with umbrellas, sun beds, toilets, showers, a canteen and a lifeguard. There are sand dunes surrounding the beach where visitors can observe white lilies of sand.

The views of the Paximadia islets are stunning, and opposite the archaeological site, 300m in the sea, lies the large rock Volakas, which is said to be the boulder thrown by the blinded Cyclops Polyphemus at Odysseus’ ship when he tried to escape from his cave. The archaeological site of Kommos includes the Minoan harbor, public buildings, warehouses, oil presses, shipyards and a small temple built on the ruins of an older one

Komos Beach offers the best of both worlds—a serene and sunny coastal haven equipped with all the essential amenities to ensure a perfect day out. You can bask in the Mediterranean sun knowing that your needs are well taken care of. Enjoy delectable food and refreshing drinks, relax under the shade of umbrellas, and take advantage of the convenience of showers to freshen up after a swim. With a vigilant lifeguard on duty, safety is a top priority, allowing you to unwind with peace of mind.

For those seeking adventure, water sports are readily available, adding an exciting dimension to your beach experience. Whether you’re a thrill-seeker or simply looking for a quiet day by the sea, Komos Beach caters to all tastes and promises a memorable day of sun, sea, and relaxation.